HEY’DI K11 FLEX (20kg tub)

Brand: HEY’DI


HEY’DI K11 Flex Dampness Resistant Coating is a two part cementitious tanking system for concrete and masonry. HEY’DI K11 Flex is a stronger and more flexible version than the ordinary HEY’DI K11 giving protection to minor pressurised water ingress as well as controlling damp ingress and rising dampness. It is applied in the same manor as ordinary HEY’DI K11 by brush on method. HEY’DI K11 Flex has a texture and consistency similar to concrete. HEY’DI K11 Flex becomes an integral part of the wall and damp proofs the structure through a crystallization process.

Coverage: 8sqm per coat (2 coat application)

HEY’DI K11 Flex – Technical Data Sheet

HEY’DI K11 Flex – Safety Data Sheet