How treat woodworm & preserve timber at home.

Treating woodworm at home can be very challenging, but the right product and information is often the key to successful results. Below we have listed several items to help you choose the right treatment and explained how each one works.

1 -Boron Fungicide: This is the most effective woodworm treatment available and can be used on both softwood and hardwood. It’s a liquid that you simply spray over your timber before it dries. Boron is non-toxic to humans, animals and plants so it’s ideal for use in gardens or around food.

2. -Copper Fungicide: This is another popular choice for woodworm treatment and is considered the second most effective. Copper can be applied in a variety of ways such as a spray or paint, but it’s important that you don’t use too much as it will cause damage to your timber. The amount required varies depending on the species of woodworm involved, but generally speaking 10% copper sulphate solution will be enough.

3. -Boric Acid: This is another popular choice for woodworm treatment, but it’s important that you use the right type of boric acid. Boric acid is available in liquid or powder form and is often combined with other chemicals to provide better results. It can be applied either as a spray or sprinkled onto your timber where it will work its way into the crevices where insects live. However, it should never be ingested by humans or animals so make sure that any spills are cleaned up immediately.

4. -Copper Naphthenate: This is a popular choice for woodworm treatment and one of the most effective treatments available. It can be applied as either a liquid or a spray and is designed to penetrate into the timber, killing any insects that are living inside it.

For small infestations, woodworm can be eradicated safely and effectively at home with the help of a few key products. One such product is Blackrock BBC, a strong borate timber preservative which will penetrate below the surface of your wood and kill any harmful woodworm eggs lurking there. Get rid of that pesky woodworm for good!


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